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National Treasure 2

NationalTreasure.jpgNational Treasure 2 is underway, and that has absolutely no affect on me whatsoever. The first film was dull, unimaginative, and at times incredibly stupid. Still, they're working on the new one right now and there's a rough plot outline.

From MTV through Rope of Silicon comes Jerry Bruckheimer's comment:

"It's another little treasure hunt, and this time it involves [Abe] Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth and 18 pages which are actually missing from [Lincoln's] diary... What was in those 18 pages?"

If you're asking? I really don't care. However someone out there might, they might even think that it was a good film! Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel, Jon Voight, Diane Kruger and Justin Bartha are all set to return. Wooo.



Yup, the first one did really well at the box office because there was absolutely NOTHING shown for that month (no competition whatsoever). When I left the theatre, I felt as if I have been cheated royally. As much as I like Nic, I'm going to skip this one.

I know a few who thoroughly enjoyed this film and even own it on DVD. Not me though.

I like the DVD offering because the extras are very educational and superbly done...the film though...yuk.

The first film was dull, unimaginative, and at times incredibly stupid.

And apparently made over half a billion dollars, which is what really matters. I had no interest in the film, but I can't say this sequel news surprises me that much.


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