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New PSP\Gameboy Transformer?

Transformer_Frenzy.jpgThere's a few new pictures of the Transformers toy models online and one of them caught my eye, this is apparently either an updated Soundwave or the character Frenzy, yes one of them is a handheld games console. According to rumour Soundwave isn't expected until the sequel, Frenzy could be the winning vote.

You can see the image as part of the complete toy photo set over at Flickr.

What would be really great would be if this was a fully operational handheld console that flipped into a Transformer...okay, I'm stopping now.

Is this stepping on any Transformers fans toes at all, or are you happy that the updates are happening? Oh and since I'm out of touch with Transformers, who and what is Frenzy?



I'm trying to be accurate, but as I recall, Soundwave, whom was a boom box with an attatched tape player ( whom i'll sorely miss in the movie ) had 2 mini robots inside him whom transformed to robot form from mini cassette form.

the first was Lazerbeek, and he transformed into a sort of vulture whom would spy on the Autobots. The second transformed into a little guy whom had pistons for arms and pounded the ground. He was Frenzy.

If I'm wrong, I'd really like to know what the tape player dude was...and I believe there may have been a third tape cassette, this one a different color from Frenzy and transforming into a similar robot. But I could be wrong.

The idea of a handheld gaming device robot is a good one...but I'm not sure how serious I'd take a robot that would be of the size that such a machine would transform into.


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