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New Smokin' Aces trailer online

SmokinAces.jpgThere's a new Smokin' Aces trailer online and it looks just as exciting both visually and story wise as the previous one. What's more is it's in Quicktime and even HD, so it's even better.

You can catch the trailer over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:HD:iPod] - when are they going to start offering downloads for other video devices?

It looks fantastic and gives us a little more of the premise. Buddy Israel decides to turn against the mob and testify against them, quite a renegade bunch of assassins are hired to kill him. Not one after the other as is traditional, but all at once it seems, perhaps it's an open contract? Well chaos ensues in the hotel as the hitmen (and women) start killing each other to get to the prize.

The art for the film looks equally as slick, and I grabbed the poster image from filmtotaal.nl.

What do you think? I have to say I'm hugely excited for this film, every single time I see another clip I get moreso. The exciting thing for us UK people is that it's getting released thirteen days earlier than in the US and we look to be the first to see it. Perhaps that's because of the Working Title backing? Whatever the reason it's good news and you have to be creaming it for this film. Come on Jeremy Piven!



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