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Night of the Living Dead free online

GeorgeARomero.jpgWatch the entire original film Night of the Living Dead online for free!

Yes, the classic zombie film from George A. Romero is now online for you to watch through Google Video. Thanks to the cool HorrorMovies.ca for the link.

Yes, you might well be smiling Mr Romero, for you are the king of the zombies.



When I was a kid I just saw the zombies, but as an adult you realise that this is a very subversive film, Dawn is my favourite, but Night does run it a close second. He really is the king of the zombies!!!

Night was such a fantastic bit of low budget film making, it’s a shame Romero didn’t make more movies in his career.

Night of the Living Dead has been online free for a long time at the Internet Archive. And in a 4Gb mp2 file. That's DVD quality even if the print is scratchy as hell and in mono-sound. But anyway, their servers are very fast there and I got the film a couple weeks ago in about 3 hours. That is more than 1 gigabtye per hour...fast!

Man, I can't get anything right! ;)

Posting on the internet yields criticism every single time. Some of it valid, some of it not. Wasn't aiming to criticize here, just provide a helpful link ot a better free version of NotLD. (And by your wink emoticon at the end, this post was probably not necessary, but there you have it.)


No it wasn't Triflic. Don't worry. It's just frustrating how damn knowledgeable you are! (Again said with a genuine smile)

I havent seen this film ever and I thought I am ready to see it, but I am too squeamish.

You disappoint me, Simone! ¬¬

Not the first time though eh Peter? ;D


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