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Night Watch premieres on UK TV tonight

NightWatch_Poster.jpgNight Watch (review) is the first in a Russian trilogy about the battles of good and evil forces of vampire type creatures behind the daily lives of the normal people of the world. It's pretty damn good and after the trilogy the filmmaker has been captured by Hollywood, and quite rightly so.

The film is pretty epic and pulls most of it off with some superb scenes, at times it's hard to believe it's a Russian film. You can see my review for a better explanation of just how good it is.

Now though, if you're in the UK and have access to Film4, you can see it tonight at 22:40.

I know I've been missing out these Films on TV the last few weeks, but life has been incredibly difficult of late and time has just not been on my side. If you're missing them then leave some comments and I'll resurrect the feature.

There's also The Duellists, Conan the Barbarian, Ghost Busters and Gangster No. 1.



Appreciate this post, was gazing at this in HMV just an hour ago wondering if I can justify 7 quid on it .. guess i'll find out tonight :P

Wow! Great that I've actually helped out! Here's hoping you like it too - let us know.

Well .. I'm ashamed I didn't catch this one at the cinema .. I was working there at the time I might add .. I do remember wanting to see it however it only had two showings at 11pm friday & saturday both of which I used to work there ..

Kinda reminded me of Ghostbusters (bus) meets Blade (Vampires) meets Star Wars (Light & Dark side) meets Highlander (Mood and Battles) .. + a lot more ... I'll add I rate all of the above listed films highly and am not saying this is a cheap rip .. in fact it incorporates the best of all of them & adds.

Top stuff. i'd give it an 8 out of 10

Glad you mentioned that Richard - the films on tv for the weekend feature - cause although I dont have tv, if I have seen the films, it's nice to have a discussion about them still. Please bring it back when you have the time!

actually, its not a trilogy I think. As fas as I know, its just night watch and day watch, for the moment. Of course, I could be mistaken.

I saw night watch, and as much as I liked it, I thought the theme was amazing, and the quality of the movie and the FX are great, but it kind of drags from time to time. Its hard to follow at some points. Anyone agree?

Havent had the chance to see Day watch yet...looking forward to it.


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