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Nikki Reed's Cherry Crush trailer online

NikkiReed.jpgNikki Reed was previously noted for her role in Thirteen, now the site and trailer are online for her new film Cherry Crush, and you can already assume from the title that it's slightly sexual in content.

I downloaded this not realising who she was, but just going to take a look anyway because I recognised Jonathan Tucker, and I was really surprised. I thought it was going to be something pretty poor and played for cheap thrills, but the production on the trailer looks strong and the tension is built really well. Could this turn out to be a strong thriller?

The story is about a seventeen year old photographer (Tucker) who gets emotionally entangled with one of his models. The question is did she engineer the meeting to lure him into a well woven web or was it all by accident? Is she more than she seems?

It's a pretty well worn idea, but the trailer found through Movie List Forums is actually surprisingly good. You can see it over at the official site[ Flash:Embed], or you can see it direct from the site [FLV:Dload:14.9Mb].

The film stars a couple of recognisable names other than the two leads, Michael O'Keefe and Frank Whaley - you'll recognise them once you see them, particularly Whaley who always makes me think of Swimming With Sharks. What do you think? Surprising?



Didnt Frank Whaley also played the young Archie 'Moonlight' Graham in Field of Dreams?

There's another good quote from there too. ;)

He did, he did, although I would say all the good quotes come from Lancaster on that character.


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