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No Mel for Mad Max 4

MadMax.jpgThe director of Mad Max 4, George Miller has confirmed his intention to create a sequel film to the three strong franchise, and this one will be without Mel Gibson.

According to Moviehole through Coming Soon he says:

"I think if fates allow there will be another Mad Max though it is certainly two films away for me, but the time's gone when Mel can run around the wasteland anymore."...

..."I think the last opportunity was about four years ago and you know the character's lean and hungry. He was twenty one when he first played Mad Max and he's now in his fifties...It needs a lean and hungry actor and he's not into acting so much anymore and I think he just loves producing, writing and directing."

You'll remember that yesterday I had the story about Miller saying that he was so close to making the fourth and that Gibson was signed, but the real world got in the way and put paid to the plans. So perhaps this time he'll get it made, just without Gibson.

There's part of me that would have loved to see Gibson back in the role, and as a fifty year old man, struggling against hope to try and keep some order in the chaos of the lands. Back to that first film racing along the deserts of Australia in that superb Interceptor. There could be something reflective about him being that age and perhaps wondering if this was all worth it, if it had brought him or the world anything, but hey...I'm not the writer or director. What do you think? Is there a Max without Mel?



Without Mel, I wouldnt be too excited and even a tad interested, that's for sure.

Without Gibson it would certainly seem like a lesser film, but I'd still be interested in seeing another Mad Max. Wasn't there a rumor some time back that Heath Ledger was going to take over, or at least appear in Mad Max 4?

No Gibson, no Mad Max ever! Mad Max old will be superb! time past and the movie will have to show a world who has changed since last time, and with more hopes and more reflection in it, reflecting the new Mel Gibson, so Mel will have to write the script, or someone very close to him... (-:

Hey great idea Ocean! ;D


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