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Noah Wyle to direct Prince Test

NoahWylie.jpgNoah Wyle is heading to the big screen for his directorial debut for an independent film called Prince Test. The plot sounds a little different, although when you read between the lines it kind of seems to cover similar ground.

A female private eye who investigates engaged or married men, presumably for their partners, uses unusual tactics to do so, which is presumably where she tries to entrap them herself. What I'm guessing happens is that she entraps one, tells the potential partner, he gets dumped, but realises that he's actually in love with the private eye and persues her. Just a guess after reading the blurb from The Hollywood Reporter through Empire.

Sounds okay, but I do hope it just doesn't turn into the standard romantic comedy fare that we see so often and that the slight twist of the setup continues through the rest of the film. It'll also be interesting to see how Wyle copes just leaping to the big screen without having followed convention and trying out on an episode of ER first.



I thought of that too Richard because I remember David Schwimmer directed a few episodes of FRIENDS too.


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