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On Evil Grounds trailer online

OnEvilGrounds.jpgOn Evil Grounds (Auf bösem Boden) is a film from the makers of Skrypt (review), a short film that showed bags of promise and filmmaking skill, all of which seem to have been piled into this film with the quality and levels ramped up.

The film is from Peter Koller and tells the tale of Romeo and Juliet, a couple who find the perfect renovation project for their home, an old factory with a superb loft. Juliet wants it and so Romeo just has to oblige. Unfortunately someone already owns it, and he and the estate agent are in fact quite brutal serial killers and this is their trap.

Unfortunately for these serial killers, Romeo and Juliet don't quite live up to their names, they are perhaps as tough as their would be killers, and they don't take kindly to being victims. While Romeo is buried up to his neck in the ground at the mercy of one of the killers, Juliet becomes the heroine of the piece and sets out to rescue him.

You can see from the stills and the trailer that there's bags of talent on board this film, much like Skrypt it carries great visuals and is well filmed. The story sounds pretty good as well, with the victims being far from traditional, and then there's the trailer itself which carries a certain quirkiness in its style.

Koller, and his team on Kop-11, are certainly people to watch out for. Have a look at that teaser trailer on the official site [Flash], or hit one of the direct links below:

Official WMV Trailer [WMV:20Mb:640x360]
Official MPEG Trailer [MPEG-2:26Mb:64x360]



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