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Order of the Phoenix trailer and pictures

OrderofthePheonix_Poster.jpgThe new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer is online for your viewing, as well as some new pictures from the film.

You can see the pictures over at Cinema Blend who are kind enough to put the new photos at the top of the list, unlike some sites who hide the new ones pages away. The photos aren't anything really exciting, but if you're a Harry fan there's some new shots of some of the characters.

Then there's the trailer, or rather teaser. You see Warner Brothers have release a ten second piece of unfinished footage that gives us nothing more than some quick shots of some key characters, and extended title, and some dramatic music. It has to be the worst case of editing I've seen in my life. I could understand if this was footage released on YouBoob or something similar, but it's not, this is officially released studio footage.

You can see the teaser trailer over at Warner Brothers [QT] through AICN.

What do you think? A waste of time, or is it enough to give you a nice teaser for the main trailer? Should the have bothered?



The poster is creepy enough, and particularly well designed.

Has it teased you to consider watching it though? ;P

Nope. I am not into the franchise at all. I hope I haven´t missed anything interesting.

Just the effects from ILM.


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