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Pearce in talks for L.A. Confidential sequel

GuyPearce.jpgGuy Pearce is apparently in talks to appear in the sequel to L.A. Confidential, White Jazz, to reprise his role of Ed Exley from the first film.

So sequel it is, some of us in the previous announcement weren't sure if this was a direct sequel, but with Exley in perhaps it is.

Rumour from Moviehole has it that Pearce isn't a fan of sequels but might consider it, Clint says:

I recall Pearce...telling me a few years back that he had received the script for "Jazz", and that although he isn’t a big fan of sequels, would consider it if "it was a better film than the first one".

So the question is is it? The story goes along the lines of a Commanding Officer at the LAPD is used as a scapegoat by other policemen to protect their own sordid dealings. Suddenly he's framed for murder and many suspect Exley of being behind the framing, and what makes it more interesting is that the murder is captured on film.

Certainly sounds like it has the potential...should he return?



Still not very sure about this one. I dont really want to know what happens to either Exley or Bud White and Lynne. But then it looks like it is going to happen from what you said.

No mention of Bud White at all Richard?

No word at all...it would be great to get the original team back on though.

We'll miss Spacey that's for sure!


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