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Purcell in Nazi vampire coven

DominicPurcell.jpgDominic Purcell is joining Jesse Metcalfe in Town Creek, a film that marks Joel Schumacher's return to familiar ground, vampires. Instead of The Lost Boys he's now creating a film about two brothers who get trapped in a cult experiment that was first started by the Third Reich decades ago.

Schumacher is receiving some early positivity for the thriller starring Jim Carrey, The Number 23 (trailer), but he's not exactly a reliable or strong director. However there's a good base to start from here, and the story from The Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend does make us think that there could be some good coming out of this...couldn't there?

Sometimes people are too hard on Schuey (not the racing driver), after all he gave us St. Elmo's Fire, Flatliners, Dying Young, Falling Down, 8MM, Phone Booth, and some courtroom stock thrillers on the way. That's not too bad a record is it?

Still, come on, Nazi engineered vampire cult?



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