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Raimi to direct The Hobbit?

SamRaimi.jpgSometimes hopeful rumours are easy to spot, and the one that Sam Raimi is up for directing The Hobbit looks to be just one of those.

According to reports Raimi has been approached to direct the film. Sure that would be an amazing choice, but I think his style might not be a good fit for the fans of Middle Earth. However as Cinema Blend say about TheOneRing.net story, would Raimi want to?

He's just finishing the third of his own great franchise (Spider-Man 3), and we know there are a few more on the slate and that he's definitely going to be asked back to do them. Would he accept? I think he'd be crazy not to do at least one more, especially considering the characters he's pulled into this film and not yet fully dealt with.

I think either Raimi will do the fourth Spidery man or he might just want to do something a bit smaller and less studio. What do you think about him for The Hobbit? If not him then who else would do a good job?



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