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Ratner directs Murphy and Rock

BrettRatner.jpgBrett Ratner is to direct Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock in a film about a heist on the Trump Tower. It alls sounds rather complex, but the idea is that they are janitors who stage an elaborate hi-tech plot to hide their rather more simple burglary of the luxury tenants...or something like that.

Look it doesn't really matter. The news from Production Weekly is that it's written by Russell Gewirtz who wrote the Inside Man (review), it's being directed by Ratner, and will show Rock and Murphy together on screen playing off each other.

Now everything else aside, shouldn't the pairing of these two comedic talents in one film make you salivate? Comedic talents they may be, but the film is being pitched as a thriller so these two are onboard as actors and the comedy is out the window. Surely that can't be the best choice for these two?



Didnt know you liked Chris Rock too Rich? ;)

I've laughed at his stage routine before...but nothing really of note. I've never enjoyed his acting experiences, that's for sure.

Since you love Seinfeld too, maybe one day the animated film Bee Movie (which also stars Rock) will grace the pages of Filmstalker too? ;)


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