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Regal threaten studios with no release

Cameo-Screen1.jpgRegal Entertainment are warning studios that if they overly shrink or indeed remove that window between cinema and DVD release, that they might just refuse to show films in their cinemas from any studio that does so.

Of course he does caveat this by saying that they would only consider it if they believed that the release schedule the studio wanted was going to affect their revenue, and that in some cases studios would be free to alter the schedule if the theatrical release is returning poor profits.

So what is the Regal Chief Executive Michael Campbell actually saying in the story over at Yahoo News? Well he's trying to scare the studios into doing nothing to their release schedules. After all he's been so grey in the definition of when they would and wouldn't take action that any change to the window could mean they might take umbridge and refuse to show the film, that certainly would scare the studio. He's using the might of Regal to try and stop the reduction and possible removal of that delay before DVD release that previously Disney said was coming.

"Studios spend a lot of money on their product, but we will push back hard if we believe that anything is threatening the well-being of our business," Campbell said at the Reuters Media Summit in New York. "It's not to anybody's advantage to cut anybody out of the revenue stream,"

Cutting them out? If they two camps just sat down and battered out a model it would work. Would you leave the cinema of a film you really enjoyed and pick up a DVD version - with extras, not just a bog standard release - and buy it there and then? Surely the studio could give some of their profit from that sale to the cinema? Or what about turning up to the film with your portable device and handing it to the cinema's tech area who download the movie for you while you're watching it?

Putting aside all the other technical and legal implications, wouldn't these two models work for both parties? I can't see that Regal putting up a huge scaremongering threat like this which is so grey in definition can help anyone but themselves. "Oh we might refuse your film from theatrical release, but we're not going to tell you the rules for that, other than if you change we might just decide one day on one of your films" - Eh? Isn't that just plain wrong? For once I'm on the side of the studio!



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