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Reno 9-11!: Miami trailer online

Reno911.jpgI had no real idea what Reno 9-11! was all about before this funny trailer for the new film Reno 9-11!: Miami which is online. It really is funny and I was genuinely surprised, the dry self-believing delivery of some of the characters works perfectly.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [QT:Direct] through Movie List Forums and Big Screen Little Screen - thanks to tedz over there for the heads up.

Also, if you follow this Australian link for Yahoo Movies, which I found surfing around, you can catch two theatrical trailers for the film and also a third trailer with a commentary.

I think it looks a lot of fun, and the more realistic way it's filmed, sometimes as though it's a documentary, lends a lot to the comedy. What do you think? Can someone enlighten me (and perhaps more readers) about the whole Reno 9-11?



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