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Report claims industry piracy figures unreliable

PCScreen.jpgA confidential study for the Australian Government claims that the figures that the movie industry are using to claim piracy is killing them and stealing profits are unverified and unreliable. Wow, who would have guessed.

According to IMDB the early draft of the study was conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology and was leaked to a newspaper.

Referring to a comment in the report that statistics used by copyright owners are "absurd," the Institute's principal criminologist, Russell Smith, said that such language would not appear in the final version because "it's not accurate, it's hyperbolic and overblown."...

...the report called into question the method in which the owners estimated losses, pointing out that they assume that every person who buys pirated goods would otherwise have paid full price for legitimate ones. "It is inappropriate for courts and policy makers to accept at face value currently unsubstantiated statistics," the study concluded.

Although the story doesn't exactly blow the claims out of the water as yet, it does state that they are overinflated, perhaps something we already knew. For me though it still doesn't take into account the effect of the huge salaries impact on films profits. As the industry are quick to claim that it's pirates that are taking away their profits, they are less eager to publicise that they are paying more and more each year, and each film, to the major movie stars.

How do you feel about it all, and how is the balance with you? Have you watched a pirated film before and yet still buy film tickets and rent DVD's, even for a specific film? Does this report ring any bells of truth with yourself, or do you think that pirates really are killing the industry?



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