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RoboCop remake killed!

RoboCop.jpgThis is a little bit of a surprise for me, that RoboCop was looking to be remade, and not just that but the entire original cast were in negotiations to appear!

It's amazing that when we're seeing so many rubbish films being remade as rubbish, and good films being remade as rubbish, how are we not seeing a remake of RoboCop? Well perhaps they've realised that the first film is a classic and they shouldn't touch it, but couldn't they have had a go at a sequel and recovered from the downturn the original sequels took?

The word from Bloody Disgusting through AITH is:

"The studio no longer has interest in the remake," our anonymous scooper informs us. We also discovered that everyone involved in the original film (including Jon Davison and Ed neumeier) were talking to the studio about being involved in the remake.

I just can't believe that the studio have had a sudden discovery of morals or realisation that remakes aren't the way forward. What do you think? Should they have a go at a remake or even a sequel? I think that RoboCop could work if they threw a good budget at it and kept the satirical view of modern America.



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