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Rocky Balboa latest trailer online

RockyBalboa.jpgThis morning I forgot to post that the new Rocky Balboa trailer is online, so here we go now...ahem...the brand new Rocky Balboa trailer is now online, that's the second trailer, not the first one. There, done it.

You can see the new trailer over at Yahoo Movies through dtheatre.

I can't see it just now, which really does disappoint me (genuinely), so I'm relying on you lot to give us a decent review of it. Does this trailer make the film look good?

I have high hopes for Sylvester Stallone giving us one amazing Cop Land type performance for the bowing out of Rocky's career, and Stallone's probably if Rambo IV turns out as we expect.

It's a shame because I would love to see Stallone bring out more Cop Land type performances and astound us all, it's obvious that it's in him, but can he stick with it and pick the right roles? Perhaps his direction on Notorious, the film about the shootings of the rappersTupac and Biggie, might surprise us all?



This actually might be a good movie. THe cinematography is excellent, and Stallone looks pretty good and his acting has certainly been polished.

Wow. I need to watch the first one.

Okay I've seen it now, and I love it. My only problem is the sudden appearance of the rap music in the background - what's that all about?

I love the way they introduce the idea with the virtual champion and you see both boxers slowly toy with the idea before they even think about it seriously.

I agree Andrew, his acting is up there (I may harp on but if you haven't seen Cop Land you must), and he's looking really good, not just physically. It does look really sharp and well filmed too.

Yes, I'm signing up for this film. I think it could be a really fitting end to the Rocky career.

Count me in too. When I first heard about this film I thought oh its just a lame sequel to keep his career alive for another few years, which could still be true, but it doesn't look lame. It actually looks pretty good now and I'm looking forward to seeing it.

Since I have seen all the Rocky films (I love movies about underdogs) it's silly missing this one. I'm there too!

I was skeptical when this was first announced, but the trailers continue to look great so I'll probably have to get to the theater for it.


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