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Rosario joins El Superbeasto

RosarioDawson.jpgRosario Dawson is joining the cast of Rob Zombie's animated film, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto. She will be playing the Miss Velvet Von Black, the love of Dr. Satan, who is being played Paul Giamatti. Yup, sounds bizarre to me, but probably extremely well suited to Mr Zombie.

The film is based on the comic he created and follows the adventures of an ex Mexican wrestler who lives in the Monsterland (not a theme park, but another world!).

The story comes from Rob Zombie's MyMarketingSpace page through HorrorMovies.ca and holds little interest for me apart from the superb Dawson who is both incredibly gorgeous and a talented actress. Damn her! I only get good looks and no talent...or is that the other way round?



I only get good looks and no talent...or is that the other way round?

You fishing for compliments eh Richard? :D

Oh I like her too, even if I have only seen 3 films with her in it, and she will be paired off with Giamatti, this is great!

This animated cartoon is going to be a trip and full of adult content. Definitely not for the kiddies. I can't wait!

Nah not fishing at all...Damn she's lovely though.


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