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Salvador Dali film due

SalvadorDali.jpgA film about the great surrealist Salvador Dali is to be made called Dali & I: The Surreal Story which will look at his life from the aspect of an art dealer called Lauryssens who knew both Dali and his wife Gala.

The film will focus on the time he spent mentoring Lauryssens from the 1960's to the 1980's, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Killer Movies.

I think that's rather unfortunate for a number of reasons. Firstly that was when all his great works were behind him, the works that we would all know and recognise him for, and it's looking at the man through this art dealer who not many of the general audience would know.

I would love to see a film which looked at his earlier years and how he grew to create some of these great works rather than something looking at his later, less famous years. I think there's something rather sad in seeing an artist after his peak.

Would you prefer to see something of the earlier work and how he came to surrealism, or is the idea of a Dali film just really not of interest?



I would see any film based on Dali´s life. Reversing the last words of the post "the idea of a Dali film is just interesting".

Because he was such a phenomenal character himself. His life was full of contradictions, funny and sad, and he made a show out of himself in front of the world.

Ideally, the film should cover all his life, since his troubles with his father as a child, until his uneasy last years and the controversy of his will.

Was it Dali's work that was featured in Hitchcock's Spellbound?



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