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Saw 4 director rumour is stunning

Ils.jpgHas a director been found for Saw 4 already? We heard that writers were working on the fourth in the series, and that Tobin Bell was signed up for a few more, so the word that a director has been found isn't probably that surprising. What is though, is who it is.

You may not know David Moreau, but I've seen his first film, Ils (review) and gave it a full five stars, yes it's a superb film and Moreau wrote and directed it alongside Xavier Palud.

Both of them, after Ils, were snapped up by Hollywood for the remake of the Pang Brothers The Eye for Hollywood, that's currently in production and although history says that it shouldn't turn out well, I have high hopes. Ils provided some superbly tense and scary moments, and they certainly show a unique eye for bringing tense and horror filled scenes to film.

I think he'd be an amazing choice for the Saw franchise, and my previous concerns for how this could turn into the downturn of the series that had just recovered so well in the third, are rapidly dissolving. This news from Bloody Disgusting through Jo Blo is fantastic to hear.

Have you seen Ils? Do you have hope for the fourth film in the series? Honestly I can tell you that you should have, have a look at my review of Ils and see for yourself, it's a cracking horror.

I guess the Jessica Alba in Saw IV rumour is binned.



um....after seeing saw 3, how the hell...are they...Tobin Bell? ummmm....

...without giving away spoilers...HOW?!!!

I know...I wonder that too. However thinking about it there are ways.

Perhaps we need a spoiler thread started to discuss this one!

i just wanted to ask you if saw 4 is going to come out soooon. please can u reply to me asap. thanks.

It's still in the first stages of scripting Asif, so I think we're going to have a long wait ahead of us.

nice :)


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