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Screamers: A documentary on Genocide

Screamers is a new documentary which looks at why genocides continue to happen, and when they do, why politicians try to hide it and ignore what's really happening. There's a trailer for it online now, and it looks like a very interesting film.

...from the Armenian genocide in 1915, to the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda and now Darfur -- through the eyes and music of the Grammy award-winning rock band “System of a Down,” based in Los Angeles, whose members are all grandchildren of genocide survivors.

The film mixes the music of the band, which no doubt will help them sell a few records, along with their tour that visits on locations and stories of events of genocide that have been committed in the last century. It looks at the lead singer's ninety six year old grandfather who was a survivor of the Armenian genocide in Turkey, and it visits various other personal stories and historical commentators.

It looks at the continuing denial of genocide all through the governments who perpetrate them, particularly in Turkey right now where a campaign is underway to stop people from discussing the Armenian Genocide, right back to the band's own government and officials in the US.

The band seem to try to take an active involvement in getting the government to recognise some of these horrendous crimes, and yet their views are blocked by the Speaker of the House. Using archival footage and current interviews they examine why governments continually ignore and deny these events, and when they say "never again" (much like Kofi Annan has said many times now - three I've seen on television myself) until they let it happen again, and once again ignore it.

The film itself looks stirring, although I am concerned about how much the band will hype themselves during it, but it does look like a very valid vehicle to get the message through to a younger, and hopefully more wise, generation. You can see the official site and trailer over at Screamers.



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