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Sex and the City moves forward?

SexandtheCity.jpgCould a Sex and the City film actually be making progress towards completion? Some time ago the whole idea was crashed as negotiations failed around certain stars, well now it seems that those negotiations are on again and the film is moving forward.

According to the site MM Productions, she caught a story over at Contact Music about the film kicking off again. They, in turn, read in the US OK! magazine that a studio source (bear with me, this is getting paper thin now) has confirmed that "substantial negotiations" have restarted with the each of the stars.

There's not much else to say about it, and frankly when I say stars they actually mean stars representatives, so it's really the studio trying to get the project off the ground again and get them talking. Perhaps it might work this time, none of them are really having a blistering success out of the show, and I find that sad really.

Kim Cattrall and Kirstin Davis would have been the two that I thought would have gone onto better things. Strangely though none of them have really flown.

Could they make it back, and would they want to?



Oh but why do we want a Sex and the City film? It was a smart move to finish the series when they were still on top and like Rich said the actresses moving on.

I know Kim Cattrall is polishing her theatrical acting skills as she has a play at the West End at the moment, a David Mamet at that too.


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