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Shatner talks Star Trek XI

WilliamShatner.jpgWilliam Shatner is a legend, and not only is he a living one he's also still a growing one, his award for Boston Legal shows that his career is far from over or suffocated by his wonderful performances as the greatest space adventurer ever, Captain James T. Kirk.

Still, the character has not been forgotten and he's continually dragged into rumours about J.J. Abrams new Star Trek XI. Well now, finally, he's said something concrete and positive about it all, although it's still not that much!

Over at SciFi Wire they have the comments from him regarding what's been happening:

William Shatner revealed to TV Guide that he had "a long talk" with Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams about his upcoming proposed 11th Star Trek movie...

When he was asked about the recasting of Kirk, he quite simply said:

"I think it's essentially uncastable," Shatner answered with a wink. He also dismissed a suggestion that he have a cameo in the movie, which was also the subject of rumors.

Awww, now that is a shame. Although there is something to be said for not having him in the film for a couple of reasons. One is that he should only ever be Kirk and no other character in a Star Trek appearance, and secondly it's a bit like the Dali story, you want to see a character in his prime, not as he fades, and although he's not fading as an actor, he is as the character of Kirk.



Indeed, he is a living legend, and a phenomenal actor as well.

Hopefully, Abrams is counting on him as a counselor on plots and ideas for the upcoming movie.


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