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Shyamalan hires new agents

MNightShyamalan.jpgM. Night Shyamalan has fired his agents and moved onto a new one, perhaps in the belief that it was them to blame for the poor run of Lady in the Water.

He follows Jim Carrey who also fired his agents United Talent Agency and hot footed it out of there with suggestions that they were to blame for his down turn in career, then Will Ferrell followed, now it's Shyamalan and he's moved to Creative Artists Agency who are apparently the top agency in the industry.

The news comes from Yahoo News, and although it doesn't sound too exciting, I would suspect we're to be led to believe that Shyamalan will have a return to form now. Who knows, maybe it is true, or maybe Lady in the Water was badly handled. I'm still a fan, despite one bad film under his belt - yes I like his last four prior to Lady, and no I haven't seen Lady.

Come to think of it this has been a big discussion point for some time, whether Shyamalan's films are good, and one of the overriding things that people kept coming back to are the twist endings, areas which it's very apparent he's been trying to pull away from for a number of films now, but every time the film is marketed on just that. Perhaps that is something to do with the agency, although I would suspect it's more to do with the studio marketing team than anything else.

Only time is going to tell, and his next movie or press conference.



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