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Sigaw remake has writer

Sigaw_Poster.jpgSigaw is a very strong psychological horror from the Philippines, directed by Yam Laranas. I was lucky enough to see the film and was very surprised at the film he had produced, it's a superb horror film. Vertigo Entertainment thought that too and picked up the rights to remake it for a US market.

Although work has been ongoing, today I've just heard that the writer is Eric Bernt and the plot will follow very closely the original film. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise as Laranas is involved in the remake. From Empire:

The US version, The Echo will follow a former prisoner who moves into an old apartment building. He discovers that his next-door neighbour is a policeman who routinely beats his wife and daughter. When our hero tries to stop him, he’s caught up in a curse.

So it is very similar indeed, although in the original there's another level of involvement, and you could say there are two people caught up in the curse...I shan't give too much away, but you can read the review of the original as comparison.

I really liked the film and it'll be interesting to see how the remake goes. Bernt wrote The Hitcher remake as well as Romeo Must Die.



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