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Silver signs Card's Empire novel

OrsonScottCard.jpgBefore it's even written Joel Silver has grabbed the rights to Orson Scott Card's latest novel Empire which will be made into a videogame at the same time as the novel is released.

The story, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, is about a future America where the President has been assasinated, the White House has been bombed, and the country plunged into a civil war. As fighting continues it seems that a lone operative who had been framed for the assasination, heads out to try and clear his name and find the truth for all.

Ermm...okay, drop the setting, but isn't this every other political action thriller? Didn't we just see this in The Sentinel?

Still, it's Card so I believe we'll have something special on paper, but will it make it through to the big screen in Silver's hands? I think it might well.

It's also interesting that the novel is being made into a computer game at the same time, and this was an idea that was hatched early on in the novel's conception. Card will also write the videogame story and then follow the book with a comic series based on this future universe.



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