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Simpsons Movie trailer online

Simpsons.jpgThe trailer for the upcoming The Simpsons Movie is now online. Well, to be fair it's really just another teaser, but this one's just as much fun.

Once again it pokes fun at Hollywood with it's 3D/2D opening joke, and then we're treated to some classic Homer material. What could be better?

You can see the trailer over at WorstPreviews [Flash:Embed], through Digg.

It's not as hard hitting as the first teaser we saw, but it's still fun and this one really does capture the Simpsons feel. I can't wait to see a trailer about the actual film though, so we can start getting a taste of what the film will have in store for the family.

So far we know that Homer accidentally pollutes the Springfield river by letting toxic waste out of the Nuclear Power Plant. This causes the residents of Springfield to evacuate [queue deep, echoing reverb] possibly, forever!

The trailer can now be found over at Apple Trailers, and there's also a nice sneaky link off to the HD version thanks to AICN.



I bet my left arm that this movie will remind many people why The Simpsons are so great, now that everyone says that Family Guy and South Park (which are indeed great shows by its own rights) are better than the yellow family series.

I was pretty pissed about this "trailer." It showed nothing from the film and was just a reminder that the movie is coming.

Fine, but when they market it as a trailer, it needs to be a trailer. I haven't watched the Simpsons in years because of how un-funny it has become. Last night I watched my first episode in years (specifically to see the trailer) and was pissed Fox tricked me into wasting my time to see another teaser.



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