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Sin City 2 in trouble?

SinCity_Poster.jpgWild speculation suggests that perhaps there's trouble in hand for the new Sin City film and that maybe there's a split between Robert Rodriguez and the growing film name of Frank Miller.

According to Star Magazine through Film Ick photos and celebrity gossip (which I usually avoid with all my will) suggest that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again. Now if that's true then it's superb news for both her and Mr Pitt, but it also means that she might not be able to appear in Sin City 2, and that's already been delayed to try and catch her after her previous pregnancy.

Okay though, perhaps she's not, photos can make people look different shapes than they actually are and there are a hundred and one reasons. So let's put that to the side. The other thing that Film Ick suggest is that perhaps there's a growing rift between the two talents of Roriguez and Miller, although there's no source given for this. They do say that the've heard that the cast have been talking to Miller about the project instead of Rodriguez.

There's a lot of speculation and rumour here, and it does feel like two and two have been added to give a different number than expected. Even if Jolie was pregnant then they could just get another talent, and if Rodriguez is busy on Grind House then of course you would expect the second director to pick up the slack...

I'm not so sure these all connect, although time will tell because perhaps Brendan has an insight that we don't know about. Let's see where the dots join and take us.



I'm Brendon with an O not an A...

Sorry to hear about the crash.

My apologies, I know two Brendan's.


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