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Singer for Wolverine and X-Men 4?

BryanSinger.jpgBryan Singer has just let slip that he has turned down directorial duties on X-Men 4 for the Superman Returns sequel, but he'd really love to do the Wolverine film.

Over at The Honolulu Advertiser through Superhero Hype:

Singer acknowledged that he has also been approached to direct the next "X-Men" movie...but said he wouldn't have time to take on another large-scale project before the next Superman gets underway. He is interested, however, in seeing the script for the "X-Men" spinoff "Wolverine."

Now there are no associated times, so we have no idea when he was approached about the fourth film, whether it is an active sequel despite the many studio comments otherwise, or whether it was something before they all decided just to concentrate on the prequels. However it is interesting that Singer wants to direct Wolverine, and he could do it and make a fabulous job too...or do you think he might just make it too human, too emotive?



Question is, do we not like an emotive Wolverine?


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