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Six Déjà Vu clips online

DenzelWashington.jpgThere are four Déjà Vu clips online right now and two more to come. Déjà Vu is the latest film from Tony Scott and starring Denzel Washington, Val Kilmer and James Caviezel.

It's about an ATF Agent who is pulled into a top secret program where the US Government has developed a machine that can see into the near past, by about a day, and he looks back in order to try and save a woman from being murdered.

The first four clips are over at MoviesOnline in embedded WMV, and they should be posting the rest soon. As I see them I'll add them on the list, or feel free to drop them in the comments:

Deja Vu Clip : Is She Alive or Dead?
Deja Vu Clip : Watch the Traffic
Deja Vu Clip : Interrogation
Deja Vu Clip : Beth is This a Joke?

What do you think, looking like typical Scott fare? Does this have something different to it? As an aside, did anyone know that Déjà Vu is caused by misfiring neurons in the brain?

Update: 17/11/2006
Here's another quick clip to add to the collection.

Deja Vu Clip : Questions



I think denzel washington can produces sublime acting performances. If the script and direction is great and denzel performs like he can then this should be a film worth watching, ilm worth watching, orth watching.

How many brain cells need to misfire before the deja thingey? what if you only have a couple to start with and the misfire? :)

I always think that Washington can become lazy in his performances and you can just see him fall back on "Washington".

It does need a strong script and director to pull him out of that.

Errmmmm, two. One to fire and one to mistakingly receive. That would actually imply three then, because one would have to be missed for the other to mistakingly receive. Hence three minimum.

I just wanted to make a couple of questions to Mr.Caviezel

Go ahead Oerstadt.


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