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Slater becomes bum

ChristianSlater.jpgChristian Slater is set to star in a good old Xmas tale called Gideon's Gift. It's the tale of a man who loses his wife and daughter and ends up out on the street. There an eight year old girl, suffering from leukemia, finds him and makes it her mission to turn his life around while the man wants nothing to do with her. Then a miracle happens and he decides to help her in return.

You know, I think that's pretty much the entire plot of the story, and frankly it sounds so contrived and vomit inducing that you can tell what's going to happen and where it's going to go next, none of which interests me. The original story from Karen Kingsbury’s novel might, of course, have something different. However it does sound a typical tale of Xmas wonder coming from the story from Production Weekly. Elle Fanning, is set to play the girl, and yes Elle is the sister of Dakota.

It is good to see Slater getting some roles, but is there any place in this world right now for such a tale of idealistic morals when there is so clearly little to be found out there?



Oh boy child actors run in the family eh?


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