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Snyder talks Watchmen

Watchmen.jpgZack Snyder has been talking about his, and Alex Tse's, approach to adapting the huge cult comic Watchmen for the big screen, and from what he says it does sound positive...once again.

"What they tried to do is turn it into a movie. And that's not really how we approached it. ... [Co-writer Alex [Tse] and I were [like], 'What ... [about the] graphic novel do we love? Let's do that!' And I think that when we delivered that version of the script to [Warner Bros], and it was long of course, ... it's not [a metaphor for the] war on terror, it's not like trying to be, like, bulls--t updated. You know, which gets confusing. And then Adrian [Veidt]'s story gets all, like, lost with that. So ... that was the thing that cracked it: Just going back to the source. Saying, 'OK, why does this work here?' It seemed really obvious. It was weird. ... It's pretty exciting. They're pretty excited."

Is the quote from SciFi Wire through CHUD.

It does sound quite promising. He also goes on to talk about how he wants to open the film with a fast montage of events in the Watchmen alternate universe, basically taking them from a point where it's history was the same as ours and tracing it through to the events just prior to where the comics begin.

He also insists, as he's told us before, that the studio are onboard with the time, alternate universe and even the Richard Nixon as President theme. How does that sound wrong?

Does anyone not know the story of Watchmen, and is anyone seriously not looking forward to this attempt? Anyone doubt that Snyder can bring it to the big screen this time?



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