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Space 1999 film?

Space1999.jpgThat's what I thought when I read that there is a new film coming from Roger Corman and John Davison called Space 3001 I thought it might just be a new version of the TV series Space 1999! It would be a superb idea as even now the premise of the original television series is still very attractive.

The series had the residents of Moonbase Alpha, the first and only base on the Moon, stranded as it flew out of orbit and into the depths of space because of... Along the way they would encounter new dangers and new creatures each week. It was a busy life in space. Much like Voyager, but they had no control on where they were headed. It was created by Gerry Anderson and starred Martin Landau.

I'm not sure if the film will turn out that way, but it would be great. The news from The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon is that the script is written by Sam Straider and has US$20million already from the Irish studio Concore Anois. Space 1999? Oh I'm dreaming aren't I?



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