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Spell for Chameleon gains director

SpellForChameleon.jpgA Spell for Chameleon is a fantasy saga based on the Piers Anthony novel that began the long running Xanth series, and it has now been captured to be made into a film.

What is really interesting about the ideas behind the film is that the hero is a young man who has no magical powers in a world of people who all do. The plot, according to Yahoo News goes like this:

...set in the kingdom of Xanth, where everyone has magical powers, and centers on a young man who is exiled for having none. He later returns to reveal his true gift when the kingdom needs saving.

Chris Palmer is a commercials director whose work appears mainly in the UK who has been signed up to direct the film. His aim is to make it into a film that appeals to both adults and children alike. Previously it seems as though Tim McCanlies was onboard to direct.

Have you read these books at all? If so can you cast some light on how well they will translate to the big screen?



I've read a few of these books, and they are quite fun. Dunno how well they will translate to film, as a big part of the books is a play with puns and such.

Who knows, I'll go see it.


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