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Spider-Man 3 and Number 23 posters

Number23.jpgSpider-Man3.jpgThere are new posters out for Number 23 and Spider-Man 3. The Number 23 looks very creepy, making Jim Carrey seem more than your average nutter, and Spider-Man 3 has Spidey reflecting on his own internal battles.

The Spidey poster has a twist to it as there are actually two versions, the other has the black suited Spidey on the outside with Spidey as the reflection. Nothing spectacular, but it's really setting the tone for one of the main themes of the film. You can see the full size posters over at Superhero Hype.

You can remind yourself of the official trailer or the unedited version, if it's still around that is!

The Number 23 is starting to intrigue me, as much as it's intriguing the guys over at the cool site AITH (where you can see a larger size). This looks superb, and coupled with the trailer, I'm starting to think we might just get to see a really strong Carrey film with dramatic acting again.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Carrey is a superb dramatic actor, and we need to see more of that rather than the fall back comedy roles he usually goes for.



I am looking forward to 23 actually.

It´s an impressive and very intriguing poster, that number 23.

And Spidey... as great as expected!


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