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Spider-Man 3 banned images online

Venom.jpgThe Spider-Man 3 images that were previously leaked on the Net have been pulled, but like all banned material, other sites have picked them up and given them life.

The images in question are allegedly pre-production images of Sandman, Venom and the new son of Goblin. The first two look pretty good, nothing spectacular there. Venom looks like he's been taken straight out of a comic and retouched, which in itself puts just a smidgen of fake on them, however these are supposed to be the real deal which means that the Venom we'll see could be very like the comic book Venom.

The last image is of Harry taking the role of his father's Green Goblin, and here's where it gets a little odd. Hi-tec snowboard type device, cycling mask, body armour like a Tom Clancy spy, it's all a bit too XBoxy for me.

You can see the Spider-Man 3 images over at Eclectic Gamer through Film Rotation. What do you think? Nothing really surprising until Harry?



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