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Spider-Man 3 clips in Quicktime

Spider-Man3.jpgWant to see that Spider-Man 3 TV segment in Quicktime? Fed up of sites carry the poor quality YouTube version? Well Filmstalker has the link to the Quicktime version of the Spider-Man 3 footage that was on TV in the US last night. It has expanded clips from the trailer, as well as some chat from the stars themselves.

I have to say that the effects look superb here, nothing that seems unfinished this time! There may be a little spoiler or two but I think you might just be able to race through them without noticing - I'm forever picking up on things everyone elses misses! Some call it annoying!

You can see the Spider-Man 3 Quicktime TV spot that's currently showing on YouTube over at the Spider-Man 3 blog.

It takes a little while to load but it's worth it...

Update: 25/11/2006
Vic over at Screen Rant has managed to grab a still shot of Venom from the footage and has a couple of sizes of pictures of him for your perusal. You can see the two shots over at Screen Rant.



mogulus saw venom!!!

it was good!!!


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