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Spider-Man 3 trailer online for viewing!

Spiderman3_Poster.jpgThe Spider-Man 3 trailer is now online, and it looks really good. Although, to be fair there's not that much more from the teaser, but we do get to see some more action.

There's loads more of Sandman in action, and he looks stunningly cool, there's more of Peter battling with the dark suit, and there's some more of the friction between Harry and Peter. However, there's not that much of Venom. I think I may have caught a glimpse, but it could easily be Spidey in the black suit...I think this may be a frame by frame job.

You can see the trailer over the page...the problem now is that I'm desperate for the actual film itself!!

Well, what do you think? It's a great trailer, but not loads more than the teaser gave us. Did you catch Venom at all? Does this make you more excited for the film?




I must say that the trailer looks so good, and that's coming from a non-Spiderman fan. Am I watching it, well I guess I have to! ;D

What I am keen on finding out is how the box office battle will be like next summer with Spiderman 3 head to head against Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

I love it when records are broken!

Very underwhelmed with this trailer. Why oh why do they put out a trailer with unfinished special effects. It's a real turn-off. Also, with something like Grindhouse, I can appreciate the gleeful over-kill vibe of the trailer. For the story-driven Spiderman films putting out a spastic Attention Deficit Disorder collage of all the great action shots is a real disservice.

I don't know why I am rambling here about this teaser. My only major support to the franchise is loyalty to Sam Raimi, I found both the first spiderman films to be lacking something. I don't know that something is a good musical score (something all the newer superhero flicks have been lacking compared to their older 70s/80s counterparts), better villians (at least their in-costume personas...both Dafoe and Molina were great when they were just being father figures to Parker). Maybe that is it, the spider man films rock when it is Peter Parker (esp. J.K. Simmon's J.J. Jameson) and his life drama, but actually kinda get boring and repetitive when he is in costume...Weird.

Anyway to end this long rambling comment (which considering the length, I'm probably going to cut and paste in other comment sections!), I'm undeniably superheroed out.

Triflic, you're saying it here because it's a great place to discuss films and movies that aren't in Twitch's realm!

I know what you mean though, however the scenes with Sandman do look very much like the comic brought to life. Also Spider-Man fighting the alien suit is quite nice to look at.

The rest? Well you are right, it does look a lot like other action films that just happen to include Spider-Man.

With the latest artistry going on in trailer construction. Namely the trailer for Little Children, The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy (a deconstruction of a trailer), Ratatouille, hell, even if the movie was garbage (and I've not seen it, nor do i plan to), the trailer for The Grudge 2 was exceptionally well constructed.

Considering the artistry and care that does go into the Spiderman franchise (not to mention the money!), it seems surprising that the trailer they put out would be so pedestrian in its construction and incomplete special effects are in-excusable...

What scenes are you talking about in particular?

I wonder if this is the trailer that was shown to a select audience some time ago? If it is then I'd be stunned if they haven't updated the scenes since then.

Looks pretty good. Both spiderman films before this were good. Btw when wa sthe an old 70/80s counterpart for spiderman? I remember the cartoon and that was trully aweful. If you were talking baout the Batman films i'd understand, batman and batman returns were the only good films until batman begins. Superhero films either are brilliant or incredible bad in most cases its the latter.


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