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Spielberg says no to iPods

StevenSpielberg.jpgSteven Spielberg has said that he will not make movies for the iPod (or any other video enabled portable device, because people, there are others out there!) and that the cinema will never die because people are social animals.

When he spoke out at the International Emmys Board of directors he said, through Yahoo News:

"That's one medium where I have to draw the line...We'll shoot for television and the movies and let there be a wide gap...I don't think movie theaters will ever go away,"

I think he's right here (there are other comments he made that I disagree with and might be our next feature), people are social, but I don't think that's the main reason that the cinema will survive, it's because they have a mammoth screen and can have superb sound. At home you can't match the screen and overall experience, even when the cinema is empty!

I totally agree that he's ignoring small screened devices, it's the same argument as cropping films for TV. Create them for the cinematic medium and don't compromise.

Will the cinema ever die? Is he right to ignore the small screen devices?



I'm sorry but I will have to agree with him because I love watching my movies in the silver screen of a multiplex with Dolby surround sound.

It's that experience that you get in the cinema, how can you get that from an MP3 player even if it's an iPod?

I share that caution about technology. Cinema is cinema, and it should always be watched in a big screen.


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