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Stalked: Ledger's out and trailer news

A few quick snippets of news that don't really warrant their own story.

First up Philip Noyce has confirmed to Moviehole through Coming Soon that Heath Ledger will no longer be in the film Dirt Music and Rachel Weisz is currently cast alone. Apparently he's too busy doing something called The Dark Knight.

Next are some trailer announcements. I don't usually do these, but since I'm pulling together a few stories.

The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer teaser trailer will be showing before Eragon (15th December) and Night of the Museum (20th December). I would suspect since the story is from Superhero Hype that these both refer to the US releases.

The Hills Have Eyes II (which is really the fourth, and that's not counting the fact that the Woods and the Walls have Eyes too) trailer will show before Turistas in December according to the very cool HorrorMovies.ca. They also have a nice shot of the first poster from the film.

There's a Spider-Man 3 sneek preview to be shown on Fox before the Spider-Man 2 showing on Thanksgiving day (24th November) at 20:00 ET/PT. We'll get to see it on YouTube or Google soon after I should hope. Again from Superhero Hype.



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