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Stallone warned off Rocky Balboa

Stallone.jpgAccording to reports Sylvester Stallone's wife burst into tears when he signed for the sixth Rocky film, Rocky Balboa, and she really didn't want him to do it for health fears.

According to Hollywood.com she was worried about the strain the training routine would have on him, and Stallone understood, and like any typical husband, went ahead and did it anyway! Good man!

"She was absolutely right. I mean, she was just defending her husband from what actually was a totally crazy idea, but now she likes it."

He does reveal something of a reason for taking this final shot at the character though, and it sounds a very noble one.

"I know Rocky V disappointed a lot of people. I felt the same way about it and that was gnawing away at me every time people said to me they liked the first four but...

When the option of Rocky VI came up I thought the time was right to do another one, just to make sure it was finished properly. That's just what life is like."

For the fans and the memory of Rocky. Well I have high hopes for the film and I really can't wait to see it. However I wonder if his wife has been told he's off to do Rambo now? I'd be more concerned about that, after all have you seen the shape Stallone was in before training for Rocky? Stunning.



Yes, same here Richard, I have very high hopes for Rocky 6, and dont even get me started on Rambo!

Can't wait for this movie. As usual, the woman is wrong.

Commend Stallone on attempting this role, but feel he no longer fits in with the character.

This film(and rambo) are stallone fighting for his acting youth. He won't get into anywhere near the shape of the other films and it will show.

Nothing like watching somebodies grandad get beat up.


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