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Streep joins huge Rendition cast

MerylStreep.jpgMeryl Streep and Alan Arkin are the latest to join the cast of Rendition, the film which looks at a CIA analyst whose life is totally changed around when they witness a an Egyptian born US citizen interrogated by the Egyptian Secret Police after being snatched from the US and returned to his country as a political prisoner.

Coming from Edinburgh I'm not far from the airport allegedly used by US flights that have been transferring political prisoners to other places in the world, just like this story, and it sounds a timely and insightful film that will hopefully make us think about what can happen to these people who are just uprooted without any legal process.

The previous cast list was already looking strong:

Peter Sarsgaard has signed up for the film alongside Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon. The film is being directed by Gavin Hood who gave us the superb Tsotsi (review).

So this announcement from The Hollywood Reporter through Empire just adds even more talent to the film, this is definitely one to watch for and tells us that we're right in the middle of the ensemble film movement.



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