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Superb Notes on a Scandal trailer

NotesonaScandal.jpgThe trailer for Notes on a Scandal has just blown me away for two stunning performances in under two minutes. The film stars both Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett each with their own flaws, and throughout it all there's a little feeling of menace running through.

The film is based on the novel by Zoë Heller which seems to have received mixed reviews, it tells the story of a new school teacher who begins to have an affair with a pupil. At the same time she has a growing friendship with another female teacher, one who seems to stretch her friendship into obsession, and as always plans and deceipts begin to unravel and...well, the trailer begins to hint at it.

What the trailer also shows are some powerful performances, and not just from the female leads but it also looks like from Bill Nighy too. You can see the trailer over at Fox [Flash:Embed] thanks to Film Ick for pointing it out. Just have a look at those performances.



I just watched the trailer and I agree with you Richard the performances from Dench and Blanchett look fantastic.

Some of those looks from Judi Dench gives off a vibe that sends chills down ones spine.

Dench and Blanchett together? This is going to be a real treat for us who appreciate real talent. Saw the trailer just now and wow!


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