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Superhero Cage once again

NicolasCage.jpgNicolas Cage's career is hurtling to Earth at a fair pace, and with the announcement that he's about to play a superhero no one has ever heard of, it's just fired up a gear.

The news is that he will play the superhero Sadhu, it seems that no one else has heard of them either, and it features a colonial soldier who travels to India and becomes a spiritual warrior, no doubt for the purposes of good across the planet.

According to Variety through CHUD, the story is written by Deepak Chopra’s son Gotham and is heavily influenced by Indian mythology...and Chopra's teachings with a nice book tie in no doubt. Amazingly Deepak Chopra is the one writing it for the big screen.

Richard Branson's Virgin Comics brand are responsible for publishing the comic, and since Cage and his son have a deal with them to produce their own comic, one can't be blamed for assuming it's all a nice two way deal. You publish my comics, I'll appear in anything you want, even a superhero story written by a self help American appointed ghuru.

I feel like I've gone mad today! Is it just me or is this story just entirely nuts?



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