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Superman to fight Brainiac?

Brainiac.jpgThere's a wild rumour that Brainiac could be the new villain for Superman to battle in the Superman Returns (review) sequel by Bryan Singer.

In an interview Brandon Routh mentioned that he would like to see Brainiac battle Superman in the next film, he didn't say anything about the actual production or script, he just said he would like it, so not the big rumour it's thought to be, but still with a chance.

According to IESB through Comic Book Movie, this could be the next villain.

Well perhaps it could be, but it is a bit of a push just because he mentioned it in an interview, let's be fair there's not even a finished script delivered yet. If this is the villain though I think it's a poor choice. Not everyone knows him, and he's just too fanciful for the film. I would rather see the return of General Zod, a much more believable and comparable baddie. Does that mean Jude Law?



Brainiac is not a bad idea at all. The villain possibilities in the old movies were very reduced. The Superman Universe have plenty of good enemies, including Doomsday, Darkseid...

and Batman.


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