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Tenacious D first six minutes online

JackBlack.jpgThe first six minutes of the Tenacious D in "The Pick of Destiny" film are online, and oh my lord they rock. Rock with a capital "R"!

Watching Meat Loaf as the religious zealot father and that young JB appear singing is perhaps one of the most hilarious and wonderful onscreen moments I've seen in ages, and I have to say that I haven't seen much of Tenacious D other than that tribute song just recently.

The cast list for the film includes Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller too, and it just looks wonderful. I'm telling you, I will watch that intro again just for the music and those superb lyrics.

You can see the opening six minutes of Tenacious D over at YouTube through FilmWad.

What do you think? If you didn't like it has it turned you onto it? If you did like it before has this just hammered home how much you have to see this film even if you are from Kickapoo?



I want to see it even more!


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