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The Flying Scotsman gets worldwide release!

TheFlyingScotsman.jpgGreat news that superb film The Flying Scotsman (review) has just secured a worldwide distribution deal with MGM. The Flying Scotsman is a film about the great Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree who struggles with depression, but is so driven that he manages to break world cycling records on a bike made out of washing machine parts - yes washing machine parts. The governing body for cycling become quite upset by this and tried to thwart him at every attempt.

It's a film that carries many messages and tones, some dark, some light, but all incredibly strong and sometimes powerful. I really loved the film and I remember sitting behind the EIFF Jury at one point listening to John Hurt talk about how the film was very manipulative in its sentimentality. Quite frankly at the time, and still now, I think that's rubbish. Sure the story is sad at times, because Obree's life struggling with depression is very hard, and all movies manipulate your emotions to make you feel something. This film does it through the story of Obree, of his highs and incredible lows and you feel them all on the way.

I did love the film, and the performances of the lead actors. The story of it's release over at Cinematical says that:

The Flying Scotsman premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year to tepid reviews.

That link they have for tepid points to one, short, Variety review which spends more time retelling the screenplay than anything else.

I think you should read some positivity about the film, which you can do through my review of the film which appeared just after the EIFF showing. It really is a good film and you should most definitely try and see it.



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