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The Fountain clips online

TheFountain_Poster.jpgThere are some more clips from Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain online, and if you're like me, dying to see it despite the confusion it's claimed to give, then I would stay away. Personally I want to see it myself and unfettered by others views. I want to see if it really is that complex and if there's anything I can find something in it.

Still for those of you who do, and I admit to sneaking a peak at one which looked well shot and full of emotion, then you can see them over at Rope of Silicon [Flash].

Something this film is most definitely doing is making people think, and in film that's a great thing. I have to have some form of feeling from a film, a residual feeling that I take out of the cinema, and this sounds like it has just that, and in tons.



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